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Innovation for development, startup incubation, technical developments, co-creations with corporations, specific training with experts, etc. How can we help you?

Validation and incubation or how to start developing an idea.

Having a good idea is only the beginning of any entrepreneur. Our reason of being is to help our Thinkers to develop their ideas, do them bigger, real and valuable for the market. A lot of work? Of course. The good thing? We are with them all the time.

How can we help you with your idea?

Validation and experimentation through Human Centered Design methodologies.

We validate the projects with our own methodology focused on the user, that combines the best of Lean Startup, Agile and Design Thinking. We do not compromise 100% with any of them. This allows us to extract the best of each one, and to not lose something intrinsic in our DNA: agility.

Product strategy.

We define the key points and the steps that the product and the business must take, with customized design sprints.

Initial Branding.

We create a temporal brand image to validate each idea. What it is and how it is shown to the market is essential.

Prototypes development

We develop a first prototype to get information from the user, either if it is a landing page, a mobile app or a physical product.

Creative production.

Or UX-UI design. We develop prototypes under the criteria of usability, interaction and rational navigation. This allows us to analyze the user behavior and their relation with the product.

Value proposition and business modelling.

The analysis of the results obtained with the MVP will help us to validate or swing the value proposition and the market fit.

Marketing strategy and KPI´s.

We use digital marketing techniques to find early adopters and increase the product impact. It´s in the Launch phase where we build the marketing strategy, we define the KPI´s and the target audiences.

Business Mentoring.

Entrepreneurs of success provide their knowledge to: strengthening the leadership of the founders, supportting the legal identity of the startup, in generating that intuition and vision of the future or to know which are the key points.

Sectorial Mentoring.

The best product or service specialists will guide the development of the business in the sector to which it belongs.

Pitch development.

We help to develop the Pitch Deck of the project. We will build it together and take the type of problem the idea solves and how, to the very first level.

Scalability plan and growth strategy.

Techniques to know how to make the project scale and growth, short and long term.

We are the technological partner your project needs.

To start a business by yourself is not easy, and this reality becomes more tangible when the entrepreneurs face problems whose solutions are not of their expertise. We trust in the power of collaboration and that´s the reason of having experts in different subjects who may be the partners your project needs. Or in other words, the facilitators for your “To-Do´s” become the “Done´s”.

We can collaborate with you (and your project) in:

Technical development .

We develop all or part of the product, either it is a web, a platform, a mobile app or a physic product.

Branding and visual development.

The final brand image of the project. How is the brand, how it talks and how the user must perceive it.

Product roadmap.

We will draw a roadmap that maps the direction of the product through time and that communicates why and what is behind what is being built.

Activation of the marketing plan.

We will activate and run the marketing plan with the startup, settling the foundations of the company communication.

Follow and monitoring.

We will guide the project into the optimal tools, into the correct metrics of success and into a good analysis of results.


We define and help to build the operational network that endure all products to guarantee the performance and scalability in the long term. Either they are systems, equipment or resources.

Creating new business models through innovation.

With our Corporate Building service we co-create new business models with corporations, using innovation as the catalyst for the creation of new models based on the key competencies of the corporation and its position in its market.

How we collaborate with organizations?

Development of new technologies and business models.

We detect innovation trends in each sector that are lined up with the activity the company develops.

Value proposition revision.

What the company develops, how does it communicate it or to whom. Analyzing or checking the value proposition is essential for the next steps and to discover where your business faces.

Updating the culture of the company and focus it on innovation.

We work hand to hand with the internal teams of the companies, establishing a mindset and an innovative awareness.

Detection of new talents and new skills to expand in the market.

Consulting to incorporate new profiles with an innovative mentality that gets into the new business culture.

Improved the positioning in the market as an innovative company.

We analyze the communication of the company and help the brand in relation to sustainability and innovation.

Establishment of agile work methodologies that optimize the processes and problem solving.

We train internal teams to establish agile methodologies and constant innovation processes in a daily basis agenda.

Shall we talk about how to be innovative in your sector?

Do you want to be an actor of change?

Training from the hand of experts.

Training in innovation, entrepreneurship, in new agile technologies, sustainability, etc. Nowadays having continuous and varied training is essential for starting a business. Knowing where the trends go or simply being up to date of everything that happens around us. In Eleven Lab we organize and give specific trainings from the best experts in each subject. From where do you want to start?

Discover our talks, seminars or specific trainings:

Methodology, entrepreneurship and design thinking

• Methodology (Lean, Design Thinking, Design Sprints)
• Innovation (Service and Business Design)
• MVPs
• Entrepreneurship

Trends in projects of sustainability and efficiency

• La sostenibilidad como propósito empresarial
• Transformative technologies to increase sustainability
• Circular economy
• 4.0 Industry
• Smart Cities

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