A multidisciplinary team that can turn an idea into a viable, feasible, and powerful reality.

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Converting an idea into a successful project is always a collaborative enterprise.

Converting an idea into a successful project is always a collaborative enterprise.

Requires a great team, time, validation, dedication, investment, and expertise in many disciplines.

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Olalla Castro
Director – Founder Eleven Lab

“For every seven startups that launch only one survives. A good idea is always the beginning. Validating it, defining it, scaling it, improving it… is ultimately guaranteeing its success. Not everything is financing. Should entrepreneurs be creative? Yes. Should they know everything that is not clearly their expertise? Definitely not, what they need to do is to surround themselves with the right people.”

”Without validating the idea, a consistent project cannot be tabled. Our Thinkers are at the center of everything. On the one hand they contribute ideas during each phase, on the other, they help to lay the foundations for building or rebuilding them, thus obtaining great results. We use proven user-centric design methodologies, and throughout the process we rely on experts in innovation, marketing and financing. Always with the help of entrepreneurs. In the end, they will be the ones who make decisions on their own projects.”

Marco Martín
Director of Innovation & Service Design

Marco Martín
Director de Innovación & Service Design

”Sin validar la idea no puede haber un proyecto consistente sobre la mesa. Nuestros Thinkers son el centro de todo, por un lado aportan ideas en cada fase, y por otro, ayudan a sentar las bases para construirlas o reconstruirlas obteniendo así grandes resultados. Utilizamos metodologías de diseño centradas en los usuarios que ya han sido probadas, y en todo el proceso, nos apoyamos de expertos en innovación, marketing y financiación. Siempre de la mano de los emprendedores, al final ellos serán los que decidan sobre sus propios proyectos.”

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