Corporate Building.

Or how to generate social and economic value through sustainable ideas.

Each year thousands of innovative projects grow around the world and the success of a lot of them arrives by the hand of a single ecosystem: the relationship between businessmen and entrepreneurs. This confluence is the motor of change for a lot of sectors and as a consequence, for the development of their countries.

What if you could support a project that has already been validated, incubated, tested and with a niche in the market in which you are part of?

What if the learning will help you to change progressively the day to day of your own business? What if we start now?

¿Y si pudieras apostar por un proyecto que ya ha sido validado, incubado, testado y con un nicho dentro del mercado en el que participas?

¿Y si los aprendizajes te ayudarán a cambiar progresivamente el día a día de tu propio negocio? ¿Y si empezamos ya?

How do we help you to do useful innovation in your corporation?


We connect corporations with innovative ideas you can support without risks.

In Eleven Lab we know the value of innovation as well as the market and its needs. There are many projects that came to our Lab and also many corporations that want to get into the ballroom of useful innovation. Connecting both, discovering projects that need a push from companies and that these companies could bet for impact ideas inside their sector and turn them into a part of their offering, is a real and tangible necessity.
From Eleven Lab we do a selection of those ideas in order to help the companies choose the one they can put their efforts on and try to get the terms innovation, profitability and success as part of their new day to day.


We help you to easily forge a compromise with citizens, the environment and the future.

The company becomes part of the startup and will work as a guarantor of the technical and operational development through Eleven Lab. Thus, it becomes a valuable asset in sustainability and efficiency for urban environments inside the UN ODS11.

A compromise without fissures and a unique contribution to the social development and to the well defined and oriented use of resources.

We do successful innovation. And we want to do it with the main actors of the change. Do you want to be one of them?