Every idea begins with a “so that”.

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re already at the “how”.

Let’s not kid ourselves, having an idea that’s never been done or at least tried, isn’t easy. Nor is making it a reality. Neither of those two things is impossible, though.

Shall we try?

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We’re a lab, but not just any lab.

We support, and help validate, projects that have a significant impact on the society in which we all live. Projects for which concepts such as “community”, “social impact”, “inclusiveness”, “sustainable cities”, “Industry 4.0”, “PropTech” … are as familiar as they are necessary when defining them.

¿Suena a reto? Lo es y nos encanta.

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We know, your idea may not be able to solve all of society’s problems,

but it’s probably a good start.

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We look for projects that have a significant impact on society and a market gap.